Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Progressives Who Can't Admit They're Wrong: The Covington Catholic Kids: Ruth Graham Edition

   I'd say that anybody should have been able to smell a rat in that original edited-so-as-to-be-virtually-faked video. The right has James O'Keefe...the left has...well...a much more extensive and well-funded network of fakers and semi-fakers. (Consider, e.g., CNN's demented reaction to the Trump pro-wrestling gif.) Anyway: I was willing to conclude that it might be the fault of the Covington kids, but I said that I was skeptical. That seems to me to have been the right reaction. I think you should have smelled a rat...but if you didn't, and didn't fly off the handle, I think you were somewhere within the boundaries of the reasonable.
   But Graham's follow-up non-admission-of-error, non-apology...there's no excuse for that. Now we know what happened. Now it's time for progressives who fell for it to admit some error. And it's time for those who did fly off the handle--calling for the heads of kids...and on the basis of virtually no evidence--to fess up, and engage in a bit of reflection about the state they've worked themselves into. Yeah, yeah, the right has it's own problems. Why does that have to be repeated over and over? Who doesn't know that? The problem at hand is the left's absolute conviction in such matters. Its seeming inability to recognize the obvious fact that it's gone way, way, way over the damn cliff--especially when it comes to race and sex and similar matters (some of which are just made up...)
   It's time for the sensible left--whatever actual liberals might remain--to recognize that a great big chunk of the influential lefter-than-liberal left has lost its goddamn mind. Again. It's not like this didn't happen just a decade or two ago. How can you keep not seeing this? It's an even crazier replay of something that happened not all that long ago. Sheesh.


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