Thursday, January 17, 2019

ESPN Suggests Trump Is Racist For Serving Hamburgers To Football Players

Protip: crying wolf all the time isn't helping.

   Ya contemptuous as I am about all this bullshit, my inclination is to think that racism is still rather a problem. It's about 1/100th as bad as the crack-brain left makes it out to be...but it's still a problem that, IMO, deserves to be taken seriously. One thing that makes is harder to take it seriously is bogus, irresponsible accusations of it. Progressives want us to take it seriously...but they don't take it seriously. If you take something seriously, you don't fling accusations of it around indiscriminately. Once again, Trump looks good in comparison to both (a) his critics and (b) the caricature of him painted by his critics. Serving burgers to a visiting group of kids you're honoring? Well, either brilliant and cool or insulting or who knows? Suggesting that it's racist? Nuts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The funny thing is I never associated fast food with black people before, the stereotype I always had was of downscale, overweight white people eating it. I now realize I was colonizing the bad food choices of people of color.

10:37 AM  

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