Thursday, January 31, 2019

Did Northam Endorse Fourth-Trimester Abortions?


Anonymous rotgut said...

Man, I hate the abortion debate. How does one terminate a pregnancy after birth as the article claims? A mystery, that one. I have not paid attention to Northam, so I don't know if I should like him or not, but it seems to me that he is imagining "Baby Doe" type cases, and looking at his bio, these would've been a hot topic when he was in med school. Such cases have nothing to do with the bill under consideration, so it's not at all clear why that's the kind of case he would talk about here. And that's a scary thing. Is it too much to ask that people in charge get a rudimentary understanding of the issues in question and prepare semi-coherent responses to obvious questions that are going to arise? Apparently so, but damn.

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