Thursday, December 27, 2018

"Such Gratuitously Negative Reporting Undermines The Credibility Of The Press Without Mr Trump Having To Say A Word"

Says a WSJ editorial.
Althouse adds:
I can barely read the news these days (and I absolutely cannot watch it on TV). The negativity toward Trump is so relentless, cluttering up everything. It's crying wolf times a thousand. If anything is worth taking seriously, I'm afraid I won't be able to notice.
Obviously I agree. Trump is bad in many ways. (Though his policies are good in many ways). But the TDS-infected MSM is just awful. They're actually making Trump look kinda good by comparison.


Anonymous darius jedburgh said...

Winston, have you been reading the WSJ opinion pages over the last year or so? I can guarantee they are much worse than a mirror image of anything you're finding in the Times or the Post. Kimberley Strassel, for example, has been writing about virtually nothing but the partisanship of the FBI, and clearly intends to convey that this is the most important problem facing the nation right now. The WSJ complaining about bias takes us through the looking-glass you find in the world beyond the looking-glass.

You seem to think that 'TDS' is essentially a 'liberal media' problem. But George Will and Jennifer Rubin are as conservative as they come. And yet nearly everything they write is about the awfulness of Trump. I'm sure if Trump weren't around they'd be spending a lot of time criticizing the 'MSM'. (People who talk about the 'MSM' tend to mean 'the media everyone reads and watches, except the media that most people actually read and watch, viz. Fox'.) But as things are they're probably acutely aware that the MSM isn't likely to be launching nuclear strikes on a whim any time soon.

8:16 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Yeah, I do need to be reminded of this stuff. Though, honestly, I've never expected the WSJ editorial page to be objective. I naively expected better from the Post and the Times.

I still think that Trump has no business anywhere near the Presidency. But that's a given in my book; it's just part of the background.

What's surprising to me, hence worthy of comment, is: (a) his policies are often pretty good, and sometimes notably better than Obama's, and (b) the "MSM" has flipped its shit and seemingly abandoned any effort to be objective.

But orange man still bad.

11:56 AM  

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