Monday, December 31, 2018

Ocasio-Cortez Busted Fibbing About Working-Class Upbringing

Warning: Gateway Pundit, the single most unreliable blog I've ever come across. It just plain makes shit up. But all it does here is reproduce the relevant tweets, so: link.
   AOC isn't exactly a towering intellect. She almost certainly won on account of factors that have nothing to do with her fitness for office. But, then, sadly, the same can be said of an awful lot of Congressmen...and Senators...and at least one president...
   I actually do come from the working class, and I suppose that's why I find the faux working class shtick particularly annoying wherever it shows up. I also find the political celebrity thing annoying as hell. So people like AOC, "Beto," and (most notably) Trump just irritate the hell out of me.


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