Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Is The Left On A Trajectory To Sexualize Kids?

Holy crap this is just flat-out creepy as hell. [Oops--that link is relevant, but this is the one I meant.)
This kid is alleged to be "in drag", at least, not part of the kiddie transgenderism stampede. And oh, hey, don't forget about "drag queen story hour" at your local public library...
   But none of these things involve weird sexual interest in children! Ha ha! Of  course not!
   Two years ago I'd have thought that such concerns were Infowars-level crazy... But, then, four years ago I'd have laughed in your face if you'd've told me that the left would soon adopt trans ideology as a matter of faith pretty much across the board. Hell, they've managed to make questioning it impermissible in the spheres of the culture they control.
   My current hypothesis, as I've said, is that the fringey left always has new mini-revolutions brewing. They're constantly working to shift the Overton window to port. I never thought I'd see same-sex marriage legalized in my lifetime (though I was in favor of it). I thought trans ideology was too absurd to ever be taken seriously outside of a gender studies department...yet here we are. About five years ago or so I started saying "hey, I don't see how you can make sense of the various progressive positions on immigration unless you believe in open borders..." People said they thought I was nuts...but now some on the left have begun to openly advocate for that policy. I've wondered aloud here whether we'd soon start hearing serious arguments for legalizing polygamous marriage. And: yesterday Silent Sam; tomorrow the statue of Mr. Jefferson before the Rotunda...or so I reckon.
   Anyway...somebody here is crazy...either me or the progressive left... (Inclusive 'or'...) But, honestly, this stuff with kids is creepy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First point, who could be dumb enough to posture about the future being queer? HuffPo is a complete garbage fire.

Second, Rod Dreher blogged some about Desmond is Amazing, and apparently it's much worse. He's been doing drag shows at gay bars regularly for instance. As a 10 year old. Considering how much of trans is just social contagion, this is outright media malpractice, and the fact that the kid's pretty clearly being exploited given that, it's just mind-boggling how far they will go on this issue.

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