Sunday, September 09, 2018

Border Wall Threatens To End Texas Family's 250 Years Of Ranching

I understand that there are stories of roughly this sort whenever there's a big public project. And I recognize that the needs of the many often outweigh the needs of the few... And I am strongly inclined to think that it would be good to curtail illegal immigration....
   But this is the kind of story that really hits home. If you're going to basically take somebody's farm or ranch away, you better be damn sure you're doing the right thing.
   I imagine that's the point of the Post running this story. I kind of hate to admit that--if that was their aim--then it worked. On me, anyway.
   I mean...I'm against the wall already... If, that is, it's still supposed to be sea-to-sea. So I guess it doesn't count for much. I'm in favor of expanded fencing, though. And if 30 people really are coming through his property every day, then it does sound like fencing would be a good idea there. But damn I'd hate for that guy to lose his ranch.


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