Sunday, July 01, 2018

Ames, IA Public Library Hosts K-12 "Drag Camp"

Right... there any reasonable way for this to not be interpreted as an illegitimate use of taxpayer money (and a public institution) to advance a leftist position in the culture war? Not to mention: to run something that's akin to a kinky sex camp for small children?
   I mean...honestly...drag camp for kindergarteners?
   Look, I'm not what you'd call particularly averse to questioning the status quo. But you really do have to draw the line somewhere, sometime. Having a public discussion about sex roles and gender norms: perfectly reasonable. Drag training camp for kindergarteners at the public library: uhhh...I'm going to say: not reasonable.
   Maybe after extensive, open public discussion of this sort of thing, we might, in due time, come to accept a social consensus to the effect that our aversion to such things is poorly-justified, and that we really ought to view such things as perfectly ordinary, entirely innocent and non-sexual matters that kids are naturally interested in exploring. Don't get me wrong...I'm fairly sure that would be f*cking nuts. I'm just saying that I'm not ruling it out a priori. I suppose what I'm saying is that this seems to me to be less like a natural social evolution predicated on actual due deliberation...and more like a mad dash to implement the latest insane sexual or quasi-sexual fad that the left wants to shove down our throats.
   As I guess I've said, I only recently came to realize (or at least suspect) that the "logic" of the left is to push for ever-more-radical positions as soon as each new battle is won. So having won the battle over same-sex marriage (something about which I mostly agreed with them), they moved forthwith to bully the culture into accepting that men can magically turn into women. This normalization of "drag" can be seen as part of that effort...and/or it can be seen as an early move in what might turn out to be the next battle: the sexualization of children.
   Jesus, will you listen to me? I used to deride people who talked like this, I'll have you know...
   I like how the librarian tries to spin this all as a matter of "fearlessness" on their part...rather, than, say, insanity...or political correctness...or something even worse...
   I've noticed that my institution's libraries seem to push lefty causes in various ways. I wonder whether it's something that gets instilled in people in librarian school.
   Anyway: am I nuts for thinking this is nuts? Or am I nuts for thinking that it might not be nuts? Surely I'm nuts for one of those things...


Blogger Aa said...

Perhaps simply take a deep breath and say "And the pendulum swings"...that's what keeps me from going bat shit crazy. Just saying.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Good advice, A.

This stuff just seems beyond the pale...

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, you aren’t nuts.

10:02 PM  

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