Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Sexuality Expert": Ask Babies For Consent Before Changing Their Diapers

To establish a "culture of consent" at home, OBVS...GAH...I can't even believe you people have to be TOLD this stuff.
   Repeat after me: the logic of the cultural left requires it to ceaselessly push toward ever more insanely insane positions. 
   The cultural left is like the Christians I grew up with...but without the constraints of a holy text. So instead of engaging in ever-more-fine-grained textual exegesis, they try to spin out ever more consistent extensions and free-form interpretations of their unwritten, impressionistic, crackpot views. These are formal Roman acts of manumission. They don't needn't be just have to go through the right motions (use the right stick, say the right words). Me quaerere te consentiunt! 
   Seriously, if you're not convinced by now that the moonbats are certifiable, I'm really not sure what you're waiting for. White after Labor Day? Red wine with fish? What?


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