Thursday, May 03, 2018

NYT Opinion: "If You Let Boys Be Boys They Will Murder Their Fathers And Sleep With Their Mothers"

Well this guy is a ****ing idiot.
My God, who was ever loony enough to believe Freud?
But, more to the point: dig the double standard, here in unusual evidence: An op-ed writer in the nation's newspaper of record outright asserts that men are evil and perverse in their very nature. Any suggestion, however and of course, that women are suboptimal in any way is unacceptable.
   And it's not just the title. Actually you might ought to read that thing just because it's so skin-crawlingly idiotic.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

There m8ght be a point buries somewhere in that article, but it would require a different author to make it.

1:35 AM  

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