Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Larry Correia Gets A Right Good Social Justicing

Part of the problem is that this sort of insanity is just part of the culture now. Sci-fi is absolutely (as we'd say back home) et up with it.
   You don't have to know much about Larry Correia to tell that he's no *ist. (I'm not going to list all the trendy versions of -ism the left is on about; it just takes up too much room.) I've read three or four of his books, and a couple of his blog posts. That dude just seems flat-out WYSIWYG. And what you see is: he's just a dude who writes books about shooting monsters. There's no pretense to him that I can detect. He's the target of PC shrieking because he doesn't buy into the crazy left's craziness. He's a libertarian of some kind who, very obviously, just doesn't give a damn what you look like, who your parents were, or who you boink. I'm on those same pages with him, obviously.

   Oh, he also founded the Sad Puppies to try to make the Hugo awards care about science fiction per se again, instead of political correctness. A very grave sin indeed, obviously.
   The crazy left is crazy--this is not news. What's important is that they can get away with it. Society has granted them power. Even progressives who have the capacity to know better go along with them, refusing to denounce their obvious crackpottery. Part of it is that many (not all!) progressives--despite their notably high self-regard, and view that they have some special insight into prejudice--are even more susceptible to it than is the average person. Though their prejudices are politically correct, and that makes them ok. Better than ok--that makes them virtuous.
   At any rate, the real nutters are so nutty that they will simply make shit up about people with whom they disagree and start shrieking about it. It's no accident that faking "hate crimes" is extremely common on the left. And, since there are enough progressives and progressive institutions unwilling or unable to distinguish shrieking from being right, shrieking is a winning strategy. You can just keep explaining over and over again, if you like, that you aren't a *ist...but it won't do any good, and you can't outlast a bunch of crazy morons.
   So what happens is shit like this. A perfectly ordinary guy is subjected to a groundless campaign of character assassination by crazy people. Not only is he slandered/libeled, but real financial harm is done to him. All in the name of "social justice." Thus society becomes a little crazier, because the crazies win another round.
   This is what progressivism has wrought. And don't give me any of that "conservatives are worse" crap. Even if it were true (and, currently, it isn't true), it's not a valid defense of progressive lunacy. Sometimes the right is worse than the left, and sometimes it's the other way around. I have no hope of nor interest in figuring out how to total it all up and produce some kind of overall comparative craziness rating. What matters in cases like this is that a very crazy and consequential type of insanity has infected the contemporary American left. Finding some other group and alleging them to be crazier does nothing to change that.


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