Sunday, May 27, 2018

Diet Soda Pseudoscience Debunked

With great being-right-all-the-time comes great responsibility-to-ridicule-people-who-were-wrong...
   I mean, that the diet-soda-emulates-real-soda case really is some confirmation for my hypothesis (read: shooting my keyboard off about) that nutrition "science" tends to follow the whims of the upper-middle class arbiters of culture... I mean, the real driver here is that soda is gauche. In fact, diet soda may be even gaucher than real soda. Y'know...unless it's some kind of obscure...I dunno...artisanal rosemary-infused "effervescent beverage" sweetened with beet extract or some shit.
   I also don't believe that soda is the devil, incidentally, nor, more generally, that sugar is the devil, nor, more generally, that carbs are the devil. Though I'm less certain about each step that broadens the thesis. I gotta right mind to go drink a Nuclear Super Big Gulp RIGHT NOW AND I WILL DO IT DON'T THINK I WON'T
   And I'm actually somewhat serious about this nutrition "science" / arbiters-of-culture thing. Not, y'know, super serious...but somewhat so.
   It's too hermeneutics-of-suspicion-y to really take seriously, obviously. Argument about such things at the level of motives is largely stupid.
   Recent counter-evidence to my loony conjecture: the new jihad against booze...which is now apparently about as good for you as plutonium. There's just no way to make that fit, especially in the face of whiskey chic (or have we moved onto something else now? I'm sure we have...) and the brewery-and-distillery explosion. (I even saw somebody trying to revive the red-wine-is-the-fountain-of-youth thing the other day.) It would be interesting to see what would happen if the beer-and-whiskey fad were to collide with a sustained push to prove that booze is deadly poison...


Blogger Dark Avenger said...

Booze isn’t bad in itself, Winston, but excessive use is bad for the human organism. My father has dementia I believe came from drinking a lot, as he turned to the bottle after Mom died 20 years ago.

I would suggest abstaining except for special occasions, and, of course, never drink alone.

11:41 AM  

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