Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dennis Prager vs. E. J. Dionne on Calling People Animals

Prager is right. Dionne is wrong. There's no question about it.
   Dionne is somebody I've, for many years, thought of as being on basically the right side. Prager is somebody I've, for many years, thought of as being basically on the wrong side. When the left has one of its spasms, you can expect to see otherwise fairly reasonable people start to make arguments that make no sense whatsoever--arguments that they'd never make under different conditions. Dionne, though intellectually rather a lightweight, obviously knows better than to write the things he wrote in that op-ed. Had Obama called MS-13 animals, Dionne would likely have cheered. His (and other progressives') sudden realization that calling people animals is the height of moral criminality is entirely grounded in the fact that it was Trump who made the relevant claim. Well...not entirely. They'd have cheered if he'd have claimed that everyone at the C'ville rally was an animal; they flipped their shit when he, in essence, said that some attendees weren't. The contemporary Klan is, of course, not in the same league as MS-13. But witness the differential treatment those two groups receive from the vanguard of the left.
   Anyway: it's perfectly fine to call bestial people animals. In fact, it's nearly obligatory to do so. Prager's right, Dionne's wrong.


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