Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Andrew Dodson, Driven To Suicide By The Ctrl-Left For Participating In the C'ville "Unite The Right" Rally

   Andrew Dodson was an attendee of that march, where he was pepper sprayed directly in the eyes. Online footage shows him screaming out in what looks like excruciating pain. Afterwards, he is seen telling his attackers “I forgive you. I love you”, which is met with laughter and cries of ‘LOSER’ from his political adversaries as he walks away.
   Andrew Dodson, from everything I’ve managed to gather and watch of him, seemed to be a good man. He forgave his political adversaries, he was introspective, he took responsibility for himself and wanted desperately to engage in dialogue and make a positive impact on the world. When Trump said there were ‘very fine people on both sides’, I believe Andrew was one of them.
   He also was not alt-right. But even if he was, his death was not justified.
   Is this the ‘pure form’ of the far-left? Do the ‘moderates’ watch in silent approval as the ‘radicals’ carry out their bidding? Removing the opponents right to a private life, familial ties, employment and, ultimately, their right to life itself? I think I know the answer but I can’t quite bring myself to type it. Instead I will leave you with a quote from Andrew. His death should serve as a warning beacon to us. All of us.


Blogger Dark Avenger said...

Well, Winston. Two things: The Medium article was taken down

And 2

As the following article notes, an official cause of death is yet to be released.


The Stratham Police Department told Idavox that his death is still under investigation and the town’s medical examiner said there has not been a cause of death determined as toxicology reports are still pending. Whether or not Dodson’s death was indeed a suicide, a drug overdose, which has also been rumored, or a combination of both, it has become a particularly curious thing to witness this newfound love and concern for Dodson who during the two and a half months after his death saw only his family and friends giving tribute.

Now, of course, they could be lying about contacting the authorities and his death certificate could well end up with suicide as the primary cause of death.

I just wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

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