Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Confucius Institutes and China's Infiltration of American Colleges


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Interesting little “pamphlet” if you want to dig a little deeper:


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This is yet another place where campus political craziness is powered by the perpetual funding and career crisis in academia. Schools are more than happy to give a foothold to flat out propaganda if it means cutting costs, especially in the teaching-time intensive language classes. (The funding for the Student Life Justice Safety Studies Center has gotta come from somewhere.) Administrators probably think that, even if there is political indoctrination, it doesn't matter since its just language classes, but the propaganda leaks out when the people who got their language training in one of these institutes start teaching other subjects.

I have only ever walked out - ok, stormed out, I was yelling while I walked - of one class in my life. It was a Asian Business class, of all things. The professor, a forty something American white guy, had seemly had his brain scooped out and replaced with the People's Daily comment section. Amoungst his many kernels of wisdom: "Taiwan is a part of China, and if you don't know that, it just shows how ignorant you are." "Stock bubbles can't happen in China, the Ministry of Finance is just too good at its job." And soon after: "Of course the internet isn't censored, how could the government even police that many users?" And finally, the one that got me yelling and having to have a meeting with the Dean: "The Cultural Revolution was an opportunity for everyone in China to learn the national ideology."

The PRC also fund HS language classes. Aside from the political issues, this has had the unfortunate byproduct of absolutely destroying Japanese language education in the US, since so many school districts seem to think you only need to check the Asian language box once and you might as well do it for "free".

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Upvote for:
"Student Life Justice Safety Studies Center"

Additional upvote for:
"walked out...I was yelling while I walked"

Jawdrop for:
The Cultural Revolution was an opportunity for everyone in China to learn the national ideology.


We were apparently considering one of these centers for awhile a couple of years ago...I didn't know about them at the time...I'm gratified to see that my university can do the right thing about something even without me flipping my shit about it and making a public spectacle of myself...

Almost makes me question my importance to this august institution.

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