Sunday, December 17, 2017

Apparently UCSB needs both an "LGBTQ Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity" and a "Women, Gender and Sexual Equity Center." Apparently because--as you might expect--the "Women, Gender and Sexual Equity Department" is a hotbed of "white supremacy" and "violence against queer, transgender people and marginalized communities." (Some of this information apparently comes from an interview with UCSB's "trans task force advocacy coordinator," incidentally...)
   In a subsequent meeting with campus officials on November 17, activists issued numerous demands to the university administration, according to The Nexus. Those demands included the center’s “removal from the Women, Gender, & Sexual Equity Department … a new building for the center, a doubling of [the center’s] program budget and emergency funding for the queer and trans health advocate position.”
   The resource center plans to staff the new building with numerous positions, including “a director, associate director, programming coordinator, office manager, graphic designer, education and outreach coordinator, funding coordinator, associated students liaisons, student staff and volunteer staff.” These staff members would provide services such as “counseling, programming, mentoring, referrals and a 24-hour help line.”
   “Plans also included a front office, private offices for permanent personnel, gender-inclusive restrooms, a study space, organization meeting rooms, a lounge, a kitchen, a library, a clothing closet and an art gallery. A proposed list of furniture and equipment was included in the plans,” according to The Nexus. The group also has plans to include a “community garden and emergency housing rooms complete with a bed, closet and drawers.”
The cost! The mind reels at the very thought. There's absolutely no way to defend this madness. Universities seem to be becoming these little leftist utopias, where every whim of the PC left is implemented and funded. There is no better reason for a university to have something like this than there is for NASA or a construction company to have it. It's utterly absurd. 


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Sounds like Chancellor Yang should have stopped this. Since he didn't, he should have to explain it to the state legislature during the next budget cycle. Perhaps the citizens of California will support it.

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