Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Partial Transcript Of Lindsay Shepherd's PC Inquisition by Wilfrid Laurier U. Professors and Administrator

Jesus, this isn't any less Orwellian when you read it.
  Note also that it's two profs and an administrator: the WLU "manager of Gendered Violence Prevention and Support." I am not making that up.
   It's like a loony little cherry on top that her professor manages to work in both 'problematic' and 'toxic'...
   This is not a minor incident. This is not a close call. This is outright, Orwellian insanity. If you're not alarmed by this, as they say, you're not paying attention.
   [Oh, and don't miss the part where her lunatic professor says something like "it would be like playing something for your class from Hitler...or Gamergate...]


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