Thursday, October 12, 2017

NCAA To Release UNC Infractions Report Same Day As 2017 Championship Banner Is Unfurled... Late Night With Roy.
Per Bilas, you just can't make this shit up.
   Well, I guess we'll find out in about 12 hours whether the NCAA is finally going to admit it's wrong...or, instead, is going to get its ass kicked in court.
   Those AFAM classes sucked. The whole thing was appalling. But it was an academic/SACS matter. Carolina was assessed a punishment--probation by SACS--and that was finished years ago. It conducted multiple investigations and paid tens of millions of dollars for an independent investigation. But the NCAA won't take innocent for an answer. It's way, way, way out of line. At this point, Sankey is just making up rules in order to try to drag down hoops. Carolina would probably accept a token punishment just to get this over with...but any attempt to, say, issue a post-season ban will just end up in court--and Carolina will win.


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