Sunday, September 10, 2017

Washington Post: "DeVos's Remarks On Campus Sex Assault Were Right On Target"

Wow, even the Post is on board. Maybe we really have reached a turning point on all this.
   At a glance, this link in the story doesn't stir up much worry in my mind. Jackson will almost have to be better than Lhamon (who is, unfortunately, now the Chair of USCCR). I know nothing about Muniz...but when even opposing lawyers say that the case is better for having you on it, you must be doing something right.
   Nobody wants to see anyone get away with sexual assault. Real cases will always present us with problems. But the most immediate, pervasive, and easily-avoidable threat right now comes from the other direction. Campus sex assault policy has implemented extremist leftist/feminist ideas that rob those accused of due process, treat every accusation as true, and open the door to accusations that no sensible person would take seriously (e.g. accusations about single sexual encounters months or years in the past, even after accusers continued to have consensual sex with the accused long after the alleged assault). Right now ending this madness, including Title IX abuse--that's the low-hanging fruit.


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