Thursday, September 07, 2017

Drum: Race Is Not The Explanation For Everything Republicans Do

It's astonishing that this has to be said.
   Amanda Marcotte is a complete moron...but she's not the only one on the left who thinks that all Republicans are racist, and that racism explains everything they do. By far the majority of accusations of racism I hear of these days are pretty obvious bullshit. That's racist! is just the go-to argument of the progressive left. I barely even pay any attention to such accusations anymore. They're background noise at this point, like accusations of misogyny, "transphobia," and the rest of that bunch.
   And I've never bought the line about birtherism being mainly motivated by racism. The crazy right made it clear during the Clinton years that they were going to make up some bullshit about whoever the next Democratic President was...and the next and probably the next. Because Democrats, by definition, can't be legitimate Presidents. (The left has basically the same disease when it comes to Trump...though who knows whether it'll last when there's a normal Republican in office?)
   Remember how Clinton was a murdering, drug-running rapist? Imagine the left's reaction of those things had been said about a black President. (Clearly racist! What other possible explanation is there? They'd never say that of a white man!) The righties found something handy about Obama--ferrin' pops--and they ran with it. Obama's father was black and from Kenya...and voila! If you think they wouldn't have seized on that had the players been white, then you haven't been paying much attention to the fever swamps. There is one helluva lot of crazy over there. They're just as bad as the moonbats. I knew they'd make up something about the next Democrat. And/so birtherism--batshit crazy though it obviously was--honestly didn't surprise me all that much. I'm sure that racists were only too happy to believe birtherism. But--though the left may find it surprising--there are a whole lot of ways to be crazy that aren't being racist.


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