Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Left's Bizarre Adulation For Chelsea Manning

The bizarre case of Chelsea Manning really does illustrate some prominent aspects of the craziness of the far left:
There are elements of the American left that would celebrate any leaker of government secrets, regardless of their gender identity. But it’s hard to imagine Ms. [sic] Manning receiving such a positive reception — never mind a spread in Vogue — if she [sic] still identified as Bradley, transgender [sic] being the liberal cause du jour. Ms. [sic] Manning’s atypical identity adds a frisson of subversion to her [sic] already subversive acts. Transgender, it would appear, trumps treachery.
(Of course 'Ms.' should be 'Mr.', 'she' should be 'he', 'her' should be 'his,' and 'transgender' should be 'transgenderism'...but accuracy of expression is tres politically incorrect... )


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