Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Florida Professor Fired For Tweeting That Harvey Was Karma For Texas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That statement was absolutely in bounds, obviously incredibly jerkish but not demanding blood in response, and shows how capricious PC censorship can be. I could totally see this sliding in most cases, but mistime the statement just slightly (while Harvey is happening) and you can be wrecked.

But I keep coming back to the point that procedural arguments are insufficient here, because clearly the moral formation undergirding free speech has eroded. We can't simply assume that political dissidents should have the ability to speak freely because what happens when censorship is applied to your side? Clearly PCs will censor whatever fashion demands, even if the person is ostensibly on their side.

So we need to defend jerks as necessary randomizers of a staid consensus. And we need to highlight the immense disproportionality of PC. This guy ultimately harmed no one, but the PCs stripped him of employment, which is really the most damaging punishment short of what is given to felons right now. So he is being convicted of a social capital crime for effectively nothing.

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