Sunday, April 09, 2017

Wagging The Dog?

   Well, I was thinking it before this latest turn of events, and you probably were, too... Trump was in such a tailspin that I wasn't sure that anything but military action could save him. (Or maybe a terrorist attack...those seem to help Republicans...though I doubt that the same would be true of Dems...) Assad did semi-force his hand / give him an excuse. And I don't know that Trump's response was wrong...Obama might have done the same thing if he'd still been in office.
   Anyway, as many people are noting, one danger here is that Trump is receiving positive reinforcement for this--it's the only thing he's done thus far that's not generally considered disastrous. It would probably be difficult even for a reasonable person to resist the siren song of further action. And know what that guy's like...


Blogger Aa said...

I wonder if Obama really would have. This was not an attack against ISIS, this was a direct attack against a sovereign nation. It should have required congressional approval (remember in ~2013 when Obama wanted to go after Assad for a chemical attack and congress wouldn't grant approval? So he stuck to bombing ISIS and if we got Assad...oh well). Trump might have just broken the law, not that a Republican congress will hold him accountable.

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