Saturday, April 08, 2017

Mike Pence Calls His Wife 'Mother'!!!!!!!!

Jesus Christ.
   Yeah, this seems weird to me. It seems weird to me when people refer to themselves in the third person as 'mommy' or 'daddy' or 'grandma' and 'grandpa' when talking to their kids, too. But how much business is it of mine? My thought would be: not very damn much.
   It seems even weirder to me that people refer to someone they're romantically involved with as their "partner." (In business? or what?)
   I'm not saying I don't find it weird. I'm just saying that even I'm tired to the condescending bullshit of the internet left / internet media...(but I repeat myself...) Pence's terminology sounds old-fashioned...which I guess is one of the few things that's not to be tolerated... He could use some silly neologism...and I'm sure a foreign term would be fine (were he foreign...)... But old-fashioned is verboten.
   Seriously, how is it that this sector of the left seems so clueless as to why people can't stand them?


Blogger The Mystic said...

If you ask me, the worst part is:

"A little later, the legislators stumbled out, wondering what was weirder: Pence's inability to make conversation, or calling his wife 'Mother' in the second decade of the 21st century."

To refer to the date in such a way is a progressive equivalent of "am I right?"

And I'm with you, it's weird, and if it's true, it's probably a rather overt way of calling attention to how classy he thinks he is, but is it all that weird if a dude calls his wife (and mother of his children) "Mama," Johnny Bravo style?

Not really.

So Pence fancies himself old-school. So he thinks it's right to be overtly such. I give hardly half a shit about this.

I guess I'm writing to basically agree while perhaps modifying or clarifying weirdness regarding the "mama" or "dada" locution (except when used in the self-referential third person, as you specify more directly; that is lame). People need to get lives and take interest in serious things worthy of serious people's time.

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