Monday, April 10, 2017

"Hannah Is A Girl. Doctors Finally Treat Her Like One." Also: Political Correctness

   Well, Hannah isn't a girl, of course--not if the part about Hannah being male is true. If Hannah were a girl, then I'm not sure how this could be notable. If Hannah were a girl, then all doctors would be doing is providing hormone supplements that Hannah's body did not produce properly. Who could object?
   Hannah, of course, is not a girl, and that's not all that's going on here...
   I don't think that most people believe this BS. But they don't want to speak up about it. If you speak up about it, you're branded a bigot. So people just shush up and try to believe as they're told...difficult though that is in this case. People don't want to make a stink at the more theoretical level, because they're not comfortable at that level, and they don't think it really matters. Most people are not going to risk being called a bigot over a philosophical disagreement.
   But if you've conceded the more theoretical point, I don't see what grounds you have for objecting to the practical consequences--Hannah really is a girl, Hannah's body is making too much testosterone and too little...uh...girl hormones...uh...estrogen? Or something? Doctors made some kind of crazy mistake at first and could somehow not see that Hannah was female...but now thank God, they've figured it out, and they're going to give Hannah the care that's needed to live a normal, healthy life as a normal, healthy girl.
   None of that's true...but if it were true, then there's no problem here.
   So, says me: don't try to be irenic at the theoretical level and then cranky at the practical level.


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You ever wonder why no one seems to read and comment on your blog?

It's kind of sad that I'm the first.

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