Sunday, December 04, 2016

Police Decline To See "Suck It Up" Post-It Note As A Hate Crime

Now there's a shocker.
The real story here, of course, is that a university administration is willing to characterize something so entirely innocuous as an act of bigotry. There's basically a manhunt going on now in order to find and punish someone who made an innocuous (if rather crude) comment to the effect that people were overreacting. In response to it, they turned their reaction up to 11.
This is utter insanity.


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

Shameless blog advertisement here: I just wrote a post treating this sort of thing and the insanity that has ensued from this alleged "hate-crime wave."

The Senate just passed a piece of legislation expanding the US department of education's definition of 'anti-semitism,' in order to give them another resource to investigate campus-related hate crimes.

Here's a source:

Here's a hot take:

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Blogger Winston Smith said...

Holy crap...

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