Thursday, November 10, 2016

How To Give Trump A Chance? And: Everything Sucks

   I literally get the urge to throw up when I reflect on the sad fact that the Yellowstone supervolcano is unlikely to wipe the entire country off the face of the Earth before January 20th... But, of course, we have obligations to the nation to...God help us...respect the office and all that. Even now, as I understand it. Even fucking now.
   Of course one might note that similar duties obligate people not to elect contemptible imbeciles who besmirch the very idea of America to that office...but that ship, she has sailed.
   (Incidentally, I do realize that I am going to have to endeavor to stop pointing out that (and writing this phrase really does make me long for that supervolcano thing) President-Elect Trump is a contemptible imbecile... But that's going to take me some fucking time to get used to, isn't it? I hope to get my mind right on that by...oh lets say the end of the week, ok? Jesus. Respect the office, not the repellent fraud who holds it, as mom used to say.)
   But anyway, the point is: want to feel a little less unbridled disgust at the very thought of Trump in the Oval Office? Well here ya go. 
   I'm not exactly sure why the puerile, anti-American dumbfuckery of the lackwit left makes me marginally less angry at the thought of President Eddie Haskell...but it does. I especially like the part where people shriek Love trumps hate in fucking Amerikkka! or however that went. Then there's the "Fuck white Amerikkka!" that'd be making some pretty big headlines if you replaced 'white' with just about any other racial designator, wouldn't it? Eh, maybe not. I don't really know what goes on. 
   So anyway, it could be worse, I guess. Imagine those nimrods in power. Arbeit would be machting frei or something pretty similar pretty quick, I expect.
   Again I'll assert: I think a (shudder) Trump Presidency will be the best thing ever to happen to political correctness and the shit-brain left. And just as liberals were starting to wise up to the grotesquerie of their illiberal bedfellows, too! PC energizes trumpery, trumpery supercharges, I don't much care for what things look like even just a little ways down that trajectory. The left crazy and the right crazy, they feed off of each other. I do hope that this will mean the end of the tyranny of Title IX on campuses--but I also expect universities themselves to generate a backlash against pretty much anything Trump does. So I'll be at least a little bit surprised if it makes things better. A non-disgusting Republican could have pulled it off...and I had some small hope that HRC might have done something similar...but anyway...I expect Trump will just inflame it all.
   No conclusion really, beyond I hate everything so much.


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