Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fear The Imperial Presidency

   I am averse at a gut level to an overly-powerful Presidency. I've been averse to it during Obama's term in office, too--though, with so many things to bitch about, who can find time to bitch about that one? Not me, obviously.  
   Now we've got an over-powered Presidency, and an unstable, vindictive idiot for a President-elect.
   My general policy is: bitch about things before you need to bitch about them. Because if you wait until you need to, it's probably too late. It'll probably look like special pleading.
   I'm sure this probably looks that way, but it isn't.
   Anyway: consider it bitched about. I am inclined to wish that the power of both POTUS and SCOTUS would be curtailed and returned to their rightful level(s). But obviously that ain't gonna happen right now, is it?


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