Sunday, September 04, 2016

WVU: Using "Wrong" Pronoun Title IX Violation

   We are descending farther and farther into madness and totalitarian thought-policing.
The government and government institutions are using a law that was passed to advance women's sports to enforce completely unrelated speech rules inconsistent with standard English usage on the basis of a completely nonsensical, radical and indefensible anti-realist theory that has taken over parts of the culture controlled by liberals as a result of political maneuvering, shrill insistence and moral bullying by far-left activists and activists pretending to be scholars in order to force 99.9% of the population to participate in what our best psychological evidence seems to indicate is a sexual fetish of the other 0.01%.
  This is one of the craziest things I've ever seen happen in this country in my lifetime. It's like watching the civil rights movement unfold in reverse, but with a minority gaining more and more power to oppress the majority, and with the oppressive laws being advanced under the banner of anti-discrimination.
  The arguments about this are perfectly clear. There is no doubt about this. Even a little thought and a smidgen of philosophical acumen are enough to reveal this.
   If the right were advancing some policy that was equally repressive and confused, philosophers would be bursting into flames.
   And once this insanity is put in place, it's very difficult to get rid of it.
   Though this really is a kind of speech code...and those proliferated during the heyday of paleo-PC in the '90s, and we've managed to largely roll those back... So I suppose there's hope...


Blogger Aa said...

The biggest problem with Title IX, the new incarnation at least, is there are so few guidelines for what constitutes a violation. That leaves it open to broad interpretations like this one. At my own institution Title IX appears to mainly focus on 'Sexualized Violence' (rape, sexual misconduct, stalking, domestic violence, etc). I've heard several talks and they do disseminate useful information.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Yeah, but that's a distortion of Title IX as well...and often not for the good. It's being used to demand bad changes to burdens of proof in campus inquiries into rape allegations, lightening the burden of proof from *beyond a reasonable doubt* to *preponderance of the evidence.*

I know these aren't courts of law...but still...

12:04 PM  

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