Sunday, September 04, 2016

Jim Sleeper: Political Correctness and its Real Enemies

   Wow this is terrible.
   The real threat to freedom of thought and expression on campuses, you see, is not the leftists trying to stifle free thought and expression! It's the conservative reaction that's the real threat! Because...conservatives want...a free market solution? What is this jackass talking about? I do not know... He can't be confusing the metaphorical free market of ideas with a literal free-market solution...uh...can he?
   Also FIRE took money from conservatives!
   The problem is really...and I'm not making this up...predatory lending!
   Cripes. That is just a truly awful op-ed.
   [The corporatization of the university is a problem...but it's a different problem. It may not be completely divorced from the problem of the PC thought-police...but not for any reason Sleeper notes. And the fact that the university faces a different problem roughly from the right doesn't in any way show that the threat from the PC left is not a threat.
   God that thing is terrible.]


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