Monday, September 12, 2016

Chait: Hillary Clinton Is A Flawed But Normal Politician



Blogger The Mystic said...

WOW, what an email.

That is a fantastic article and everyone who knows anything about Hillary's "scandals" should read it and make it a centerpiece in any discussion which threatens to falsely equivocate HRC with trump.

We have to agree with trump supporters that the current vices on display in HRC are genuinely bad, and it's a huge problem that they are so commonplace in our politicians.

But that said, the solution is not a completely unqualified candidate who has relentlessly demonstrated that he is far worse in every respect.

As a coworker of mine put it, we are, as a country, like a person in serious need of monitoring his or her cholesterol, and we are faced with a choice of bacon and eggs or anthrax-laden fish.

We do not choose the fish because it is a better choice in terms of cholesterol.

That is insane.

10:01 AM  

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