Monday, July 25, 2016

DNC Night 1: Pretty Good, No?

   Not too bad, I say. Cory Booker, Michelle Obama, and Bernie were all pretty great I thought. Bernie did a great job of matter-of-factly taking care of business (like defusing some of the DNC e-mail kerfuffle). (And: ugh. So. Many. Crying. Girls.) Heck, Elizabeth Warren was mostly even o.k.  I thought Michelle Langford was really good and provided us with a case that could really make the most out of the Trump "University" story...but the damned Dems wouldn't shut up and listen to her. In their defense, they seemed pretty stoked by Booker's speech.
   I'm a little worried about this "free" tuition (i.e. somebody else pays for it--probably me) scheme Bernie announced...but it's not really going to happen, so I'm not that worried.
   All-in-all, a non-disastrous night one of the DNC.
   Congratulations Democrats!
   You have successfully impersonated an organized political party.


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