Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bryanne Young: Intimacies of Rock: Ethnographic Considerations of Posthuman Performativity in Canada's Rocky Mountains

   The Political Hat discusses some of this thing.
   I can't stand this sort of thing, as I've said, and I think it's a scandal that it's taken over so much of the humanities and social sciences (and the jargon-swept no-man's land (as it were) in between). But maybe the thing is to think of this stuff like a kind of poetry or speculative literature. It doesn't aim so much at truth/accuracy as it aims at articulating impressionistic snapshots to get people to glimpse things in different ways.
   I mean...I'm still inclined to think that the ways we're being encouraged to glimpse things are bullshitty ways. And I think this stuff masquerades as actual philosophy; it intentionally gives the impression of trying to say true and important things about the world. And I don't think you can build whole sectors of disciplines that purport to tell us about the world on bad poetry... But I dunno. This kind of bullshit just flips my switches, and it's very difficult for me to see much of any worth in it.
   tl;dr: word salad


Blogger Pete Mack said...

It's bad. It'd also be real nut-picking...except that the grad student in question is actually at your university. Surely you can make a few waves? Really, bad academic work is common in many fields. In the sciences, it is mostly boring, but sometimes wrong, and occasionally fraudulent.

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