Friday, April 29, 2016

California Anti-Trump Rally Turns Violent

   One thing the Trump candidacy has done: it's helped expose certain types of crazy on both ends of the spectrum. The left seems to be more prone to revealing its extremism like so. It looks like Trump is going to win the nomination. It's a safe bet that the crazy left will engage in even more ostentatious displays after that happens. From an abstract perspective, this should teach us more about the lefty fringe. But from a more practical's just going to push more people to back Trump. Trump's supporters also include people willing to use violence, as we've perhaps it will all balance out on the practical side...but my prediction is that the anti-Trump hysteria will be the more flamboyantly repulsive. Trump's supporters have been willing to throw punches (including sucker punches, the wimps)...but so far mostly when their rallies have been infiltrated and disrupted. The anti-Trump protesters have been willing to march to Trump rallies, prevent supporters from attending those rallies, infiltrate with carefully coordinated plans to prevent the rally from proceeding...and now, we see a bit of property-destruction and, apparently, violence. And that's independent of the efforts on campuses to prevent Trump supporters from expressing their support.
   I've not been too worried about Trumpo because I haven't thought he could win...but there are few things that repulse middle America like the full-bore crazy of the lefty fringe in full-on look-at-me protest that were to get bad enough...well...I'm not sure how to finish this sentence...


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