Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Yale Prof Attacked by PCs for Halloween Email Will Stop Teaching; Husband Will Take Sabbatical

   Whelp, PC insanity, still out of hand.
   I continue to see liberals and lefties deny that it even exists. Sometimes the main assertions are basically: there's no such thing as PC! And it's worse on the right!
   Here's something I learned: if you would like to remain a liberal, I suggest that you not talk to liberals on the internet.
   Though the PCs are obviously nuts, their only real weapon is intimidation. Aside from efforts to silence disagreement by using Title IX (as in the Laura Kipnis case), what we've mostly seen from them is (a) moral indignation, false charges of bigotry, etc., and (b) a couple of fairly unconvincing gestures at physical intimidation. These are not the Brownshirts. Honestly... The fact that so few people are willing to stand up to these people is astonishingly disheartening. And, of course, it tells us something important about American liberalism that liberals are still defending the PCs. Though, as in the first PC outbreak in the '80's-'90's, I think what we're discovering is that many "liberals" are not actually liberals, but illiberal leftists themselves. Or perhaps we might say that liberalism itself is evolving in the PC direction, leaving its Enlightenment orientation behind. That would be unfortunate to say the very least.


Blogger The Mystic said...

Must be nice to be able to be like "whatever, fuck this job" when you get a little crazy person opposition to you.

I'd've quit my job forever ago.

10:52 AM  

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