Sunday, October 25, 2015

Impeachment Fever--Catch It!

   Somewhere around the election of '92, Republicans decided that it was conceptually impossible for any Democratic President to be legitimate. They frantically cooked up impeachment schemes against Clinton until they found one that would kinda sorta fly...  The chatter about impeaching Obama started even before he was elected...though it seems to have cooled--which really surprised me.  And now we get Mo Brooks (R--Alabama) floating the idea of impeaching HRC before she's even secured the nomination.
   So the GOP platform seems to be built largely around these two planks: (i) shut down the government if we don't get our way; (ii) impeach any Democrat who wins the Presidency. Oh, and don't forget what's by far the most important one: (iii) Gerrymander ourselves into a majority in the House.
   The GOP has flipped its shit.


Blogger tehr0x0r said...

In the past I have made the statement that the far left is further left than the far right, but the far right is more dangerous because they are taken seriously by the mainstream Republicans. I don't think I can make that statement any longer. Impeachment for any crime committed prior to taking office is likely unconstitutional, or at the least flies in the face of historical precedent. That said, I might understand the move if the crime had been covered up and the electorate hadn't know about it at the time of the president was elected. But this is just absurd, the American public has all of the information about these alleged "high crimes and misdemeanors." To try and remove the democratically elected president given that is effectively a coup and it amounts to treason in my book. Lets impeach this moron if we are going to impeach anyone.

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