Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOP Varsity Debate

Big winner: Carly Fiorina.
Big loser: Trumpo the Clown
Craziest: Ted Cruz
Least Crazy: Tie: Rand Paul, John Kaisich

   Like the Fox debate, this almost seemed structured to take out Trump. He was everybody's target for the first part of the spectacle. Then Fiorina started slapping him around. I thought she flat-out shredded him, and IMO he never recovered. Seemed to me that he couldn't buy applause after that. She gave a plausible-sounding answer about HP--probably largely BS, but I don't know enough to know. A couple of months back she swung by my department when she was on campus and, honestly, she handled questions tonight a lot better than she handled them in the department...  Anyway, I was actually really impressed with her tonight. Her understated responses to Trumpo's insult about her looks was pretty devastating, as was her answer to the question about him having his finger on the button. But then she started in with BenghaziBenghaziBenghazi, and the "small naby" nonsense, and the bit about inflating the military...and that was that. Still, I'd give her the win by far--and largely at the expense of Trump, who I think really got his ass handed to him. I won't be terribly surprised if his numbers decline significantly after this. 
   Ted Cruz is a scary crazy lunatic. Nothing new there.
   Rand Paul really had his moments...but, then libertarians are always going to appeal to me. Kaisich seems downright acceptable, President-wise.

   There's my $0.02.


Anonymous rotgut said...

"Kasich seems downright acceptable." Just putting this out there...

Tom Van Dyke
Philly boy, businessperson, musician, quiz show champ—fan of religious liberty, John Kasich, LA Clippers and the Chennai Super Kings

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