Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOP JV Debate

   Well that was disappointing from an entertainment perspective. I expected a lot more craziness. Actually, it wasn't really that bad in the main. Pataki, Graham, and even Santorum called bullshit on several Republican shibboleths...and got applause for it! I actually yelled out "Lindsey Graham is on fire!" at one point--and I heard after the debate that Michael Reagan had said the same thing. How about that, eh?
   Either the GOP is getting less crazy...or...the JV debate is where the less crazy Republicans end up... We did get some Benghazi action, and a fair bit of Obama Derangement Syndrome, some twisted history of the Middle East train wreck...lots of the normal stuff. But I really didn't expect to hear people say to a GOP audience (as Graham did), in effect: look you morons, you can't just shut down the government every time you don't get your way.
   Oop--varsity debate's on. Gotta run!


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