Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sexism and Hurricane Names: Nope

God, so much nope.

And for some pretty obvious reasons. Most obviously: using data from before hurricanes even had male names. (You could do that...but obviously it's sketchy.) And, of course: we had less-advanced meteorology and a less-sophisticated warning system. I hadn't thought, however, of another important point: sturdier buildings in later years. And, in fact, it does turn out that hurricanes have become, in general, less deadly over time for those reasons.

One related point: sexism does not infect everything.

The view that sexism infects everything is no more plausible than the view that it infects nothing.


What is it with the deluge of crappy social scientific studies we seem to be unceasingly subjected to? It's gotten so bad that I often just glance at the title of the news reports and think: nope.

I wonder whether this might invigorate skepticism about science.

I wonder whether it ought to...


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