Saturday, February 01, 2014

Feminism's Uncivil Civil War

 A lot of people get annoyed when I criticize feminism, but, well, it's not just me...

Here's The Nation (The Nation!!!) reporting on the emerging problem of extreme feminism turning its nastiness on other Feminists. (Also not a new problem...)

I'm against irrationality and prejudice no matter who's dishing them out. And IMO, there's a prominent, influential wing of feminism that dishes them out liberally.

It's kinda funny (in the sense of: not funny at all) that they get away with this so long as their target is (usually white) males (and women who aren't down with the sickness). But there's outrage a'brewin' now that the target is, increasingly, other prominent feminists.

Feminism has a lot of problems. When you lose somebody like me, you're doing something really wrong. I've not become any less of an egalitarian since my 20's, but feminism seems to have slowly drifting away from me...generally toward the salons where French literary theory and postmodernism live on...  I think the average feminist in the street is still a liberal's the academic vanguard that's the problem, IMO. Of course, that's the feminism I most frequently encounter...and my experience is not representative. That's worth thinking about...


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