Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Happens if HRC Wins in 2016?

I mean:

(1) The crazy wing of the GOP hates x Clinton for any value of x.

(2) The crazy wing of the GOP especially hates the x such that x = Hillary Clinton.

(3) The crazy wing of the GOP basically believes that no Democratic president can be legitimate.

(4) The crazy wing of the GOP has gotten crazier every time they've lost a presidential election in the last 20 years.

(5) The crazy wing of the GOP really, really hates Obama and is barely clinging to minimal rationality as things stand now.

What happens if HRC wins the nomination in '16?

What happens if she wins the general?

I mean, will it be a freakout of epic proportions? Or has the crazy gotten about as bad as it can reasonably be expected to get? Might it burn itself out? (Didn't work that way with Obama's 2012 win...) Might the CWotGOP finally get some sense slapped into it?

I, for one, don't expect it to be pretty.


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