Friday, July 19, 2013

Back (to Denver, Anyway)

Back from four days of horseback riding in the Colorado Rockies.

Dang...that is hard to beat, let me say.

I have slowly become more-or-less acclimated to life in town, but it'll never seem really right to me. In fact, IMHO, living in town is bad for whatever the non-religious analog of your soul is. Even though there were other people around, getting out of the city, into the trees, walking around on grass and dirt rather than asphalt, getting away from the noise and the crowds, being able to get away from everybody with a one minute walk...  It's a much better way to be.

And, man, the Rockies kick everything up to a whole new level. I do miss the Ozarks in many ways, and I do love the Blue Ridge...but the Rockies may be the greatest place on Earth.

I've got to figure out how to transfer my life to Colorado...


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