Wednesday, January 02, 2013

PBS on The Immigrant Advantage

Wow. I wish the full version of this were online.

I need a reality check bad. It seemed to me to be lightweight in the extreme--both the author's arguments and Ray Suarez's interview.

From the authors use of the creepy-sounding "newcomers" to, it seemed, lump legal and illegal immigrants into the same category ('immigrants' is already a word that can do that job, incidentally...) to her blatant appeals to tradition, this seemed like ultra-lightweight journalism in the service of a really lefty pro-immigration-in-all-its-forms stance. It really just seemed godawful to me. JQ declared it unwatchable as well, and she's way more forgiving of this sort of thing than I am... But I wish I could run it past others to triple check it.

If I were to summarize the authors argument, it would go something like this: Actual anecdotes indicate that we have selfish reasons for bringing more immigrants into the country!


Seemed just inexcusably bad/biased to me.

On the bright side, I'm in the market for some really terrible stuff from the media on the left [for my CT class, that is]. Terrible stuff from the right is a dime a dozen.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

There are selfish reasons to bring immigrants into the country, and they are well-documented: companies can pay immigrants less for the same jobs. For illegal immigrants, there's no way to organize, and it's difficult to sue your employer for underpayment or OSHA violations.
For H1b immigrants, there's no way to change jilobs for a better offer, so you are stuck at entry level salaries for an extra 5 years.

I have no idea if these are examples of the self-interest on the PBS show, however....

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