Monday, October 15, 2012

Chris Wallace Hassles Prince Riebus About Tax Plan

[As Matthew  notes in comments, it was Ed Gillespie, not Reince P. So weird. I can still "see" RP in that video in my mind's eye... Freakah...]

Whoa. Et tu, Fox?

Reince & co. are still spouting the "six studies" lie, and Wallace actually calls him on it. You gotta give some credit for RP for his argument that AEI is "non-partisan." Way to use misleadingly narrow definitions, dude. You get this weekend's Golden Gorgias for that one...


Blogger matthew christman said...

It was actually Ed Gillespie, but I'm only posting to share what I think is the best description of the RNC Chairman's name I've yet heard, courtesy of John Fugelsang: "Reince Priebus sounds like one of the bounty hunters in Star Wars who didn't have any lines, but still got an action figure."

12:54 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...


Wow. I could have sworn I had a Reince Priebus-shaped sense-datum...

LOL that Star Wars line...

5:52 AM  

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