Sunday, April 29, 2012

25 Years in Prison, Framed by Prosecutors for His Wife's Murder

This is the story of Michael Morton. He was framed for murder by the prosecutor and the police. No one--no one--is merely incompetent enough to ignore the evidence that they ignored. They would have to have been the most incompetent men on the planet for this to have been an error.

So, they intentionally stole most of the best part of a man's life, let his wife's killer get away, falsely hung the murder on him and, to top it all off, made it possible for the murderer to murder another young wife and mother.

These men deserve life in prison. In a more just nation, people who intentionally convict an innocent man night hang. I expect no punishment for them at all, however, in actuality. At least Ken Anderson, the prosecutor, is being investigated.

Remember, not only are these men criminals, but they're misusing state authority and undermining the moral authority of the government.

Although I don't expect it, I sincerely hope that Texas gives them both barrels. Figuratively speaking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The worst offense is done by those chosen to protect & deliver justice. Sickening! Nice post!!!

9:10 PM  

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