Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anti-Obama Crap from David Frum


How does crap like this get published?

First, why focus on Obama's dumbest critics? Well, (a) the dumbest critics are the ones who are dominating the discussion, so their criticisms are, in a very important sense, the most important ones; and (b) if this crap from Frum is supposed to represent more sophisticated criticisms, then there's little difference between the dumbest critics and the other ones.

Obama is the "first president since Lyndon Johnson" to push for a "bigger and more interventionist government"?  People really need to stop letting conservatives get away with this crap. It's primarily conservatives who push for interventionist government--they are the ones who led the charge for the loathsome and loathsomely-named "Patriot" Act, they are the ones that have led the push for a war on drugs, they are the ones that lead the charge against state decriminalization of marijuana, and for federal regulations to prevent non-heterosexuals from marrying. It is conservatives who love government intervention. Every year they push to undermine the First Amendment by criminalizing flag-burning, and if they had their way there would be organized prayer in school. (Actually, there is organized prayer in school in Virginia.) If you love government interfering in your life, the the GOP is the party for you. And, as for bigger government, it's the GOP that takes the lead in giving us a bloated military. And this is not to mention the senseless intervention elsewhere constituted by the catastrophic Iraq war.

Frum, who helped the disastrous Bush administration achieve its disastrous ends, now apparently spends his free time sniping at the one guy who is doing the most to pull the country out of the ditch that Frum himself helped put it in.

Nice work, Dave.

Really nice work.


Anonymous Lewis Carroll said...

Wow Winston, you're right. The 'logic' in that piece is laughable. It seems that Frum has no understanding of the business cycle, Keynesianism, or the fact that $hitty median wages are driving all of our domestic stagnation.

Perhaps I'll have to reconsider my assessment of Frum as a sane conservative...

9:41 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Yeah, I meant to include a WTF shout-out to you in the post. I mean, one crap post is consistent with Frum being decent overall...but, man, it's a *really* bad post...

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Lewis Carroll said...


Maybe someone could ask Frum why he thinks his preferred policies would work here when they're clearly $hitting the bed in the UK:

12:52 PM  

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