Saturday, December 03, 2011

Congrats to the Heels on a Good Effort at Rupp

A good effort by Carolina in many ways, including 3-point shots and 3-point defense. That's a game they should have won, but they seemed to have a hard time getting things together in the second half. I'd rather lose to teams like MSU and Wisconsin than UNLV and Kentucky, for obvious reasons...but them's the breaks. Unlike the UNLV game, the Heels played well. It was a coin-toss at the end, and it came up Wildcats.

Roy's system is complicated--that's one of the things that makes it successful and fun to watch. Though second-half shot-selection and shooting didn't look good to me, that's the sort of thing that's already improved a lot.

[Let me add: Henson was obviously fouled on the last play of the first half, and the replay clearly shows it. It's not a hard call, it's not close, it's not difficult to see. That's 2-3 points taken away from us by an absolutely inexplicable no-call. I have no idea how the refs missed this. One hates to b!tch about the officiating, but this was just appalling. There was exactly one thing going on on the court at this point, it's obvious that the UK defender grabs Henson's wrist and pulls his arm to the side, causing him to miss the dunk. Very annoying.]


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