Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wingnuts' Anti-Gore Eugenics Fantasy

These people are not getting any smarter...

I don't know which is more amazing to me--the fact that they still hate Gore, after Bush wrecked the country, or the fact that they so viciously attack anyone who points out that we have to do something about the population problem.

When I reflect on how much better shape we'd be in if not for the Florida shenanigans, I want to burst into tears. If Gore had been president on 9/11, we'd have gone into Afghanistan full-force, gotten OBL ten years earlier, never gone into Iraq, never lost the good will of the world, never ended up with the Bush tax-cuts for the rich and Medicare part D, and never racked up a mind-blowing debt. Of course the GOP would have tried to impeach Gore after 9/11--though he'd never have been as irresponsible about the al Qaeda threat as Bush was. And they'd be blaming Gore for 9/11 to this day (whereas they somehow turn 9/11 into Bush having "kept us safe.") So winning would have been worse for Gore personally, but better for the nation.

At any rate, they sure do hate the guy--as they hate any prominent Democrat. The story on the other end of the link, about how an innocent cell phone video sent the fever swamps into yet another frenzy, is basically par for the course.


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