Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Go You Tar Heels
Beat Them dookies

A great darkness has once again risen in the east...actually, about eight miles to the northeast. After fading away...or, one might say, festering...or metastasizing...for many years, fizzling out in the Sweet Sixteen, the evil entity suddenly "won" (cough...cough...) a national championship last year armed with nothing more than an unprecedentedly favorable seed and a last-second miss by a 5-seed in the final game...and, once again, we have to hear about them all the time on, like dSPN and stuff, and it's really annoying.

Tonight, our mighty Tar Heels will sally forth to do battle with the forces of Mordor//Camp Mohawk/the Cobra Kai. Armed only with righteousness, better players, a better coach, and a more admirable program and university, Carolina must face the dookies in Hansbrough Indoor Stadium (formerly known as "Cameron") in the very heart of the campus of the University of New Jersey at Durham. They'll also have to put up with coordinated cheers by spoiled rich kids in a whole bunch of North Face gear that has never been used for hiking or, y'know, that's annoying too...

Also, our until-recently-starting point guard left the team on Friday, as you may have that should make things a little more interesting...

Onward, Tar Heels! Onward to victory, for justice, and for the sake of...puppies and...Christmas!

Oh and:

Go to Hell dook!


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