Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Forces of Darkness Triumphant

Damn. Carolina seemed to be the better team tonight, absolutely owning dook in the first half and going up by 14. But dook has a weird habit of coming out all fired up after halftime and going on runs--not because of any particularly good plays...I can't figure out what's up with that. I guess the Leader Of Men(tm) gives them his Tony Robins impression or something... But this time Carolina just collapsed, the lead dropped to 4 in about two minutes, and the Heels just couldn't buy a bucket in the second half. I couldn't really figure out the officiating, as Zeller seemed to be getting pushed all over the place by Miles-or-the-other-Plumlee...but not no calls. It was more than a little puzzling to me, but I'm neither a ref nor objective, so I could easily be confused about that.

Carolina let one slip away tonight, and the second half was painful to watch. They continue to alternate between extended flashes of brilliance and extended series of freshman-like errors. They just looked confused on D early in the second half, and dook, of course jacked up 3s like crazy--that's their only game, of course. And when they hit, they can score a lot. A little more focus on offense, a little less confusion on D, a little more luck, or a couple of calls going our way, and the good guys win. Ah well, such is hoops.

I've been trying to learn not to dislike dook, because I hate the tribalism of sports...but Kryzywski and the Cameron fans are...well, let's say, not making it easy... [Oh, and...the dookies were shining a laser pointer in Carolina players eyes when they were shooting free throws... Not really surprising from those douchebags, actually...]

But I really like these Tar Heels, and I like the way they're going.


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